Don’t Be A D-I-Y Hoarder!!!

Are you a crafter or someone that does DIY projects?  Are you saving all sorts of odds and ends, broken items and thrift store finds so you can turn them into something else?  Is Pinterest influencing you to save the cardboard from toilet paper rolls and broken wine glasses?  Are your aspirations and intentions to create and up-cycle turning you into a hoarder?

I would say most of my clients have items that would fall into this category.  We are all going to fix something, to paint something, to make something, to craft or do a project.  But all of these items are just sitting there, waiting for us and have become clutter!  And not only do you have all of this clutter, you have cluttered up your mind and schedule with obligations. “I’m going to make my own _______” or “I’m going to turn this into a _______.”  And my question is … why?  It is fun to make things, if you like it.  Sometimes it costs less to make something, but it can cost more than buying because you have to purchase supplies and materials.  It also costs you your time and you have to decide it the time planning, hunting and creating is worth it.  It’s okay to buy what we need and let go of what we don’t (both physically and mentally).

I want everyone to have a hobby.  Something that relaxes you, that you look forward to doing.  It’s just the question of — are you going to do it?  Is it a priority or a dream/wish?  Do you actually have time?  Will you make time?  Do you have space for these materials that you’ve amassed?  I certainly don’t expect you to just throw out all your ideas and hopes, but I want you to be aware of how much space you have, how much stuff you have and how many potential projects are on your plate.  Does it make sense for your life and space?  Is there a balance?

Full disclosure:  I have a little bit of the crafting bug too.  I’m on Pinterest, I love it and I pin ideas for all sorts of crafts, DIY and up-cycling projects.  But I don’t save anything or buy anything for them…until I’m going to do them.  With one exception, as I’ve been collecting wine corks, even have some from friends, because I want to make either a cork board, trivet or other item.  But I know if I don’t decide and make it soon…the corks gotta go!

My hope is that when you come across these project-type items (or new project ideas), is that you will decide if you are going to do it NOW.  I hope these items are taking up the appropriate amount of space in your home (and on your plate) and that they’re organized, that you have a direction and a plan.  Please don’t save anything because you could do something with it.  You can do something with anything, but that doesn’t mean that it is useful.  And we don’t want you to have a house full of things you don’t use or need solely because you can turn them into something else….that you might not use or need : )

Happy Organizing!


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