Choosing to Just “Be Done With It” and Let Go

I’ve been working with a client recently that is the prime example of someone who is ready to just let it all go!  No matter what the item is, it goes in the donate pile.  Seems simple enough, right?  And it is!!!

The reason she is a bit different is that not once during our work on decluttering does she think about her friend that might want it, her sister she could give it to, or selling on eBay, Craigslist or at a consignment shop (and we’re talking about some designer clothes with tags still on!).  She is not wasteful or inconsiderate, but she has prioritized this process and she wants her decision to part with an item, to be the end of it.

So many of my clients (and me) and I bet a lot of you, hesitate when we go to get rid of something.  We have invested our time and money in this item and we are taught to be thoughtful and resourceful and to reuse, that we think we should personally give it to someone.  Or we feel guilty for having spent money on it so we’d like to recoup a little money and sell it.  (Who couldn’t use a few extra bucks?)  There’s nothing wrong with either of these ways to part with clutter, but it just takes more of your energy and more of your time.  You’re making the process/project bigger.  Bigger than it needs to be and this makes it more difficult to start, to continue, and especially, to finish.

If you have a closet full of stuff you don’t want or need and you intend to go through it, aren’t you more likely to do the project if you only have to go through it once and be done after a trip to the donation drop-off site?  It’s the thinking about all the places you have to take those cast-offs and all the projects you’ve now created by dropping here, meeting the friend, prepping items for sale, then the actual selling — photos, emails, meeting strangers at home or shipping items away.  Doesn’t that feel exhausting just reading it now?!

What if you put all your energy into you — your time, your home, your energy and your stress level and you focused only on parting with what you don’t use/want/need?  How much easier is that?  It is freeing!  I’m not saying it is easy to not care where it goes, but focus on what you can do and your results….NOT the results of what happens to the items. Is that money really worth it?  Would the items be gone by now if you didn’t care about the dollars?  I bet they would.

Find one charity to want to support and feel good about helping them!  Think about all the good that your donation will do.  Plus, it’s a tax write-off (selling your items is not!)  Value yourself, your time and your space and make it your priority to reach your organizing/decluttering goals and stop there.

Happy Organizing!


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  1. Ola Otto says:

    SUCH a valuable post, Keri!!

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