Product of the Week — elfa Utility Boards

A great way to help you stay organized is to go vertical and use wall space.  Seems simple enough, but many people don’t know how to move in that direction — what to buy, what to store there.  I saw these utility boards that are new from The Container Store and I think they’re great!  They offer sets for the mudroom (pictured above), the laundry room, the kitchen and home office.  Using wall space helps to increase storage space and you have what you reach for most at your fingertips.

Yes, when I work with people we try to put things away so spaces appear clean, streamlined and clutter-free.  But it’s also important to be efficient.  If you have what you’re always looking for near the door when you go out to walk the dog, then you’re more efficient, saving time and energy by not looking all over the place for the leash, the flashlight, your keys, etc.  So put what you need at your fingertips, where you need it and consider using the wall to keep it organized.

Happy Organizing!


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