It’s All Just “Stuff”….Right?

I recently had a friend read over an article I was working on and one of her comments was that I use the word, “stuff” too often.  I agreed.  And I don’t like the word all that much anyway.  But I use it when I write to refer to your belongings, to what might constitute clutter.    I also use words like “things” or “items,” neither of which are great words to use from a writing perspective (I can almost see the red marks teachers would make!).

So why do I use the words — stuff, things and items?  It’s because they’re bland and unemotional.  How are you going to get rid of clutter if I refer to it as the beautiful pieces you’ve purchased, treasured and collected?  Clutter is not just junk, cast-offs and the things you don’t want.  Clutter is what you don’t use or need, because it either doesn’t have a purpose or it doesn’t add to the beauty of your home.   So I call it “Stuff.”

If you think about it, everything you own is just ‘stuff,’ right?  As the owners of our stuff, we are the ones who control its use and value to us.  We are the ones who identify a knick-knack or piece of art as beautiful.  We are the ones who know what’s useful and give items a purpose.  We are the ones who infuse the stuff with emotion and memories.

So before you start to edit your space and sort/purge your belongings….what if you decided it was all just stuff and see if you can part with more?

Happy Organizing!


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