Product of the Week — Letter Sorter

 There are so many ways to organize your mail and systems for processing it.  The only crucial thing is to pick one and do it!  If you don’t have any sort of system, I bet your shaking in your boots, not sure what to choose and how to use it.  Will it be hard to implement?  Hard to follow?  Well, anything you use is better than a messy pile, right?  And much better than a late bill or wondering if you missed a deadline!

To start off simply, get a small letter sorter like the one pictured above, from The Container Store.  The back slot is the inbox, it’s has the highest back to help hold magazines, flyers and catalogs.  You can put any or all mail there and it’s great if you get the mail, but your spouse receives a note or magazine.  It’s also good for the form you’ve reviewed and your spouse still needs to read.  Everyone knows to check there.  The middle space is for anything that needs action — bills to be paid, letters read, new insurance plan researched and the greeting card you need to write.  The front space is for outgoing mail.  Simple.  Organized.

What not to do…. this space is not for storage!  Everything in there is a “hot” item and needs to be dealt with.  Make the habit of depositing papers in and moving them out.  Make it a habit to take out the “action” section every morning or evening and see what needs to be done NOW.  But remember, these papers/spaces are not for “later” or “maybes.”   And if you take it to the next level…clip a pen to the front so you can write the date to pay the bill, RVSP by or make a note about what action to take “read and update profile on insurance website” or “renew magazine subscription.”

Happy Organizing!



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