Are the Cute Clothes in Your Closet?

   A few weeks ago I assessed the clothes in my closet.  I took out what didn’t fit well, tossed what had to go, donated some and stored the seasonal items.  Upon opening the bin of more summery pieces, I realized I no longer loved everything in there.  And some pieces I love, but am just tired of wearing (same dresses for 4 years!).    Some of those pieces, I kept in the bin until next summer and I will decide if they get retired or come back into my closet.  With this assessment, I realized I needed to shop.  I needed clothes for a summer trip (I think mine shrunk), replacing some worn work clothes and getting some new pieces to spruce up what I have.

But I am not a great shopper.  I don’t really occasionally browse for new, cute pieces and my shopping trips are mainly focused (frantic) “I need _____ to replace/for an event/for a trip/that fits better” and I want (need) it now.  I also tend to shop online as I only visit my usual local stores as I don’t like to wander the ends of the retail racks all day long.

So I set out to shop, here and there, over a few weeks’ time.  I did a little focused wandering and internet browsing.  I also am very familiar with my stores’ return policies so I can try to integrate the pieces in my wardrobe and to see if I really will wear that yellow dress or if I can make that cute infinity scarf work (both were a no-go).  Because I wasn’t frantically shopping, I found exactly what I wanted!  But guess what???  I saw so many cute clothes out there!!!

I decided to purge more and buy more than I had originally planned, still within reason.   I do practice what I preach — I’m on top of my closet and clothes and good with what I need for shopping, but I need to tweak my habits.  I keep clothes for too long (that I still like, wear, fit, etc.), but I get bored with them.  So I’m going to work on keeping my closet more current and interesting to me.

Does this resonate with you?  Do you look at your closet filled with clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear?  Do you wish you dressed differently than the wardrobe hanging there?  Fix it!  Do it yourself, grab a friend or call me!  It’s time for all of us to feel better in what we wear!


Happy (closet) Organizing!


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2 Responses to Are the Cute Clothes in Your Closet?

  1. Melissa says:

    I have always had a hard time cleaning out my closet. Several years ago, a friend of mine with the same problem gave me a tip that worked for her. She packs up the items she can’t decide if she is ready to part ways with. After a few months she goes back to review the box. Everything goes that she didn’t remember or didn’t have a desire to wear while it was packed.

    • kmdorganizing says:

      This is a great tip, Melissa! It does work for so many people and very helpful for all those “maybes.” Just before opening that box we have to be very clear about giving away the clothes that we didn’t miss. I think most of us don’t miss or care about most items, especially those “behind closed doors” until we’re faced with the decision to keep or discard it. It’s what makes de-cluttering such a challenge.

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