Day Two of My Organizing Challenge — The Kitchen & Entertaining Items

image A quick recap of the what and why of my organizing challenge:

As you can imagine, my house is pretty organized. There is a place for everything and everything fits somewhere. And I keep on top of the maintenance and regularly reevaluate and purge what no longer fits into my life. But a few months ago, I really started thinking about what I own and I decided I’m ready for change in my life, ready for something new and I’m done with so much of what I have. I’m done thinking about how it used to fit into my life or that maybe it will again someday. So as a challenge to myself, I decided to do this work and document it for you so you could see how even an organizer struggles with the same things you do!

Kitchen & Entertaining Items:

Some of you may know this, but I worked at Pottery Barn for 9 years before becoming an organizer.  I love to cook, to entertain, to decorate and with such easy access (and discount!) to all the beautiful things, you can imagine that I have accumulated a lot of stuff!  Of course, there was a point where I stopped buying because I could always “visit” all the pretty things the following day at work.  And I stay on top of the purging and keeping things in order.  Another reason to have some of this stuff is it is pretty to look at in my glass-fronted cabinet.  The biggest reason I kept these things, and what so many of you struggle with too, is the “But I want to/might start using that again.”  You know what I’m talking about!  But I decided enough was enough!


I got pretty serious about what I was using, and if I had a more formal sit-down dinner party, what do I still love and want to use?  My personal style has evolved from some of the glassware I bought 10-15 years ago and the way I entertain is different.  It’s more casual and easy, and that’s more fun for everyone!  Now I didn’t part with EVERYTHING, but I got rid of a lot!  Here are some pics of what was donated

IMG_2450 IMG_2451



I got rid of the margarita glasses, the random logo glasses from events, the goblets that aren’t me anymore and some holiday-themed items I never used.  All sorts of bar tools had to go, appetizer plates, cups and saucers (sorry Queen Elizabeth, you’ll have to use a mug for your tea.), napkin rings too.  Okay, not all of them but I only kept half.  Lots of table linens too, some even unused (gasp!).






IMG_2462  IMG_2461  I also purged my pantry.  There were a few cans and jars that were expired or close to expiring and I’m not even sure why I bought them.  The spice packets and blends that I never used…a few years of storage was enough!  I also finally bit the bullet and changed out all of my round canisters for square/rectangle.  Everything fits so much better and the clear and metal ones started to rust when washed.  Note that I was organized, they were labeled and things looked great…but I didn’t get it right the first time and it’s okay to let that go and try again.  Or to realize that your systems and spaces need to evolve along with you.

If I can let go of these types of things (and some were really hard!) then you can too!  I had to align my thinking around these objects with who I am and what is realistic for me and what is important to me.  I chose to have what I need, use and love and let the rest go, even if I had needed it before, I had used it before and it was something I used to love.  We cannot keep everything, indefinitely.  And who really wants to??!!  Even if the fantasy version of my future self throws fabulous and formal dinner parties, I’ll be okay with what I have.  Or I can buy, borrow or rent whatever I need.  My space looks and feels so much better!  Plus, I got to rearrange some other items that are now more accessible.  It’s fantastic!

If you want to go back and read Day One, click here.

Happy Organizing!


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