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   Do you want to get more organized this spring? 

      Then March into Organization with me!

      A new program starting Thursday May 1st!

March into Organization is a 31 day organizing challenge and you get instruction, motivation and support from me!  It's like having me by your side all month long!  

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Continue your spring cleaning by clearing clutter
  • Get a head start on some larger organizing projects
  • Move forward with your organizing goals  
These are simple and specific 10 minute tasks for 31 days that will help you start clearing clutter and you will be on your way to being more organized.  Spring is a great time for a fresh start!

"Your program has definitely made a difference in my life. I can see the dent and my mood is WAY better when I've accomplished even something little. Plus, clutter IS depressing." - Donna

"I'm so grateful for this challenge. It's as if you're right here telling me that it's okay to toss some things that I've been thinking about over and over." - Carole

"These little tasks have made me feel productive instead of frustrated. I also feel like I am working toward my goal of getting more organized this year, even if it is only baby steps.." - Leahna

"I am purging left and right! It feels so good! Thanks so much again for the motivation..." - Heather

"One thing for sure is that I'm looking at my shelves and cabinets more critically. I'm in a more conscious mode of grabbing something right when I see it and putting it in the thrift store bag or the trash." - Lisa

The program includes:

  • Weekly emails with your tasks
  • Materials to help you throughout the challenge
  • Weekly office hours to get answers from me
  • A group teleclass for Q&A and to celebrate your success!
  • All for only $79! 

                                            Refer a friend to the program for FREE!
                         Let's March into Organization together starting Thursday May 1st.