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organized business Organized Business | Mathew G., Santa Barbara, CA
“While at WORKSHOP Architecture Group, Inc. Keri was hired to help us organize our office supplies, filing system and long term project storage. Architects are a fairly orderly bunch or so we thought. While we initially brought her in to help clean up our clutter we found her to be a necessary part of our workflow, with us describing how we work and her finding the best clutter free method to make our job easier and our time more effective. Working with her was such a positive experience and I highly recommend her for both home and office organizing.”
organized business Organized Business | Mark Wienke, Santa Barbara, CA
“Keri with KMD Organizing has been a valuable asset to our office. She has studied of needs, then formulated a method, then created and installed an organizational system for our supply room and office library. We explained how we wanted it to work, and she took it from there. It saves space, is well organized, and looks really good too. She also comes in on a monthly basis to monitor and "reload" our stock. It is the clean, well organized office we always wanted.”
organized office Organized Home | Pamela G., Santa Barbara, CA
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted to have freed up so much space and clutter in my environment. The process has helped me tremendously to really think before I keep or purchase anything; it must be something that will make life easier! My mind is working differently now as I am more logical, deliberate and organized in everything I do, especially when dealing with my paperwork and files. Purging the excess and organizing what I need with labels and the clear plastic bins is a huge time saver for me. I find myself sharing my organizing knowledge and new outlook with others!
moving organization Prepare For Move | Leslie, Goleta, CA
We were being relocated across the country and we felt overwhelmed with all the arrangements to make and so much to do, while working and caring for our infant son. Keri helped us create a plan based on priorities and timing. She made us feel much more in control of the situation and it felt so good to cross things off of our list! Her professional research and resources saved us time and energy and it was especially helpful to have her handle all of the various errands and drop-offs like donations, ewaste and the food bank. We were able to work from our lists so everything was addressed and completed easily. Having Keri help organize our relocation took a lot of worry out of it as well as took care of many small tasks so that we could concentrate on the big challenges associated with the move. (Now only if we could have moved her with us!) In fact, Keri will be continuing to help us virtually! She is truly an invaluable resource.
organized home office Organized Office | Linda H.,Sterling Properties, Santa Barbara, CA
I have Trader Joes to thank for introducing me to Keri; we met there and I finally got the courage to invite her in to my “inner-sanctum.” Keri came in to my office and literally unraveled my 10 year old “paper cocoon.” Yes it was intense, but so worth it to work with her to re-structure my organization. It freed me! But more than that Keri’s work with me helped me to form a simple working system so I can stay organized and be productive again!

Keri Dickerson is kind, non-judgmental and an organizational STAR! You can do it.. Call Keri Dickerson TODAY!
organized home office Organized Home Office | Heidi W., Montecito, CA
Keri at KMD Organizing is very patient and has some great ideas to make your life more simple! She is pleasant to be around and actually made my organizing enjoyable! She is worth every penny because now when I enter my computer room/office I can actually breath a sigh of relief instead of tripping over paper piles.
organized home office Organized Home | Dina B., Montecito, CA
I was on the way to a padded room in a crazy house before Keri arrived. Keri helped me come up with great ideas on how to organize my teenage daughter's room and closet...not having to nag my daughter anymore is invaluable. Keri also helped me evaluate three other areas of my home. She provided a detailed assessment and action plan which helped guide and inspire me to finally get organized. I decided to have Keri return to my house and actually have her organize my home office with me and it was great having somebody right next to me getting it done. I highly recommend Keri and her services.
organized home office Organized Home | Leslie, Goleta, CA
Keri helped us organize our entire home – kitchen, pantry, living/dining room, laundry room, closet, bathroom, and office filing system. Keri was extremely patient, non-judgmental, and kind, and she was a joy to work with. She understood our budget and helped us work with what we had in many instances. Now, we can walk into any room in our home and feel like we not only know where things are, but feel a sense of peace and calm as well. It was amazing to me that Keri was able to transform our bathroom from a mess into a well-organized and attractive place in about an hour! Keri is excellent at what she does and I would recommend her services to anyone who is ready to move on from clutter and transform their life!
organized bathroom Organized Home | Bellevue, WA
Keri is the ultimate organizing professional and exceeds your expectations in terms of quality of work every time. She is also extremely respectful of time & money resources every time you work with her. She is a joy to work with & makes you feel part of the process. Keri has organized five different types of rooms for me! I can find everything the first time I look for it because it makes sense where it now it so I feel much less stressed.

Closet: I love walking into my closet and not feeling overwhelmed and spending time searching and making decisions. It is great to know exactly what I have, where to find it, that everything fits, and it's only what I like to wear and feel good in!

Laundry Room: Now that the laundry room is more open and organized, I was able to do projects that I had been putting off because I can find what I need and it's nice to be in there. It really makes a difference to have a home for everything in a room that houses so many different types of things.

Office: I really enjoy being in my fabulous office now; paying bills is no longer a chore! My desk top is clear and the files are so organized that I can get what I need and file away easily.

Kitchen & Dining Room: Cooking is easier, faster and more enjoyable now that all of the cabinets and drawers are organized! I look forward to entertaining now that my dining room and bar are ready for guests. I can easily grab the candlesticks, serving pieces and linens that make my table special.

Storage Room: The storage room was always where the "extra stuff" landed. Clearing that away makes everything I do use and need so much more accessible. The labeled bins really make holiday and seasonal decorating so much faster and easier.
organized kitchen Organized Kitchen | Rosanne D., Seattle, WA
I would highly recommend Keri as an organizer. As a “neat and tidy” person I had arranged my kitchen after moving into a new house. I have adequate space and things were orderly, but it just wasn’t efficient. Keri redid my kitchen and I could not be more pleased with the results – more than a year later I have not changed what she has done.

She had a very good manner as she helped me part with things I hadn’t used in years as my style had evolved or really did not need. Keri also put things in logical groupings by how you use them, for example all baking tools were together. I even have empty shelves now to add “new collections”. I love the result!
organized home office Home Office | Mary Jo T., Goleta, CA
Keri, you saved my life! I was drowning in paper and now my files are organized, my desk is clear, and I can move forward. I appreciate your skills and your positive energy so much!
organized home office Home Office | Rebecca A., Santa Barbara, CA
Keri's patience and skills allowed us to clean and streamline our home office. With her oversight, suggestions and ability to identify tools to keep us organized the process was educational and enjoyable. It is refreshing to live with only the necessities and none of the clutter!