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In-Person Organizing Services

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?

Are you tired of not finding what you need when you need it?

Are you read to MOVE FORWARD?

In-Person Organizing Programs

When you work with Keri by your side, you receive:
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  • Keri's confidential and non-judgmental support so you feel comfortable.
  • Keri's encouragement to help you celebrate successes and give you the boost to continue.
  • Keri's time and task management so that you end the overwhelm.
  • Keri's expertise in problem-solving for spaces and systems (plus, two heads are better than one!) so you have personalized systems just for you.
  • Keri's gentle suggestions and tips to help navigate your personal roadblocks in the future.
  • Keri's organizing skills that are transferred to you through coaching and through the work so you can have lasting success.

Making the decision to start the organizing process is freeing and you will feel better, as the 'someday' becomes TODAY!

sb organizer

Choose from one of these three personalized programs:

Off & Running Program

off and running
Leaping Forward Program

leaping forward
Stepping Forward Program

stepping forward
20 Hours 1-on-1 Organizing

Everything from the Leaping Forward Program PLUS:
  • Removal of items so that you can be free of what you no longer need:

    - Donations
    - E-Waste
    - Cardboard boxes
    - Food to Food Bank
    - Old paint
    - Household cleaners
    - Batteries and other hazardous waste

  • Research and shopping for products & tools that support your organized space.

  • 90-minute maintenance visit to ensure our systems our working for you and to make adjustments where needed

12 Hours 1-on-1 Organizing

Everything from the Stepping Forward Program PLUS:
  • Binder and CD with Keri's Resource Forms & Tools to help you stay organized

  • Removal of donations so you can be free of what you no longer need.

  • Keri's favorite organizing products so that you can start off on the right track.

6 Hours 1-on-1 Organizing

  • Unlimited Email Support between sessions to answer your questions and keep you from getting stuck in this process.

  • Subscription to my Moving Forward Newsletter & a copy of my eBook Take Care of Your Time Can Take Care of You

  • Keri's Local Resources Form

  • Product recommendations so you can get the right tools to support your organized space.

* A la Carte sessions available upon request.

Your Next Step:

call keri Let's talk to see which program is right for you!

I'd like offer you a complimentary 30-minute Moving Forward Discovery Session. During this call I will help you create a vision of what your space can be, uncover any challenges that are holding you back, and give you some ideas to MOVE FORWARD toward your organizing goals. If after talking you want to move forward with me by your side, we will also discuss the organizing programs I offer and what is perfect for you. There is, of course, no obligation to hire me. | 805-680-9069

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