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orangizing How does the organizing process work?
First we get clear on your vision and the desired results. Next is the physical part and we work side by side – sorting, purging, relocating, etc. We set up systems that will work for you and create new homes for items. Our organizing sessions are 3 hours in length.

Why do we work together? Wouldn’t it be faster if you worked on your own?
Organizing is not just tidying and putting things away neatly. It is a much more involved process designed to help you choose to live with only what you want and need to have in your home and in your life. Then, of course, putting it all away neatly so your space is functional and efficient. Professional organizers transfer their skills to their clients through the work and through coaching.

How long does the organizing process take?
The amount of time organizing any given space depends mostly on the client and the pace at which they make decisions – decisions on what to keep, what to let go of and the dialogue about how and where the items are used and stored. Another major factor are the amount of items there are to go through. Most disorganized spaces are years’ worth of accumulated belongings and it takes time to get that space back in shape.

How much will it cost me to get organized?
Your investment depends on the number of spaces we organize and the level of services provided. The client sets the parameters and is an integral factor in setting the pace at which we work.

Do I have to buy a lot of organizing products?
It depends on what your space needs, but I do try to use what you have. Organizing products aren’t always necessary, but are usually recommended as they are tools that help promote success.

orangizing What are the largest or smallest projects you organize?
I work on large projects, such as a whole house and projects as small as a system for mail or organizing the fridge and pantry. And everything in between, but only on one thing at a time.

How do I know if I’m ready to work with an organizer?
If you feel overwhelmed, “too busy” most of the time, if you’re frazzled or stressed, getting organized can help. When we create a calm and more streamlined living space, things start falling into place. Of course, if you’re living with a lot of clutter/stuff and you’re ready to live differently, then it’s time to call. Getting organized is a powerful tool and it pays off in many areas of your life. But the main thing is….you have to be ready to do the work, to make decisions, to let go of what you do not need and to make some changes.

How can I make sure the process will “take” and the results will last?
Getting organized is usually a 50-50 scenario. It’s 50% about getting your physical space organized and the other 50% is about your behavior – making adjustments and making time for maintenance.

Would you like a complimentary 30 minute Moving Forward Discovery Session?
call keri During this call I will help you create a vision for your organized space, uncover the hidden challenges that are preventing you from achieving that vision and you will leave the session ready to MOVE FORWARD with your organizing goals. We will also discuss the organizing services I offer and which type of service or program is right for you. There is, of course, no obligation to hire me. | 805-680-9069