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Are you a motivated individual who wants to get organized while working at your own pace?
Then virtual organizing is for you!

I provide non-judgmental support, motivation and accountability during the process to help you tackle the clutter and reach your organizing goals.

sb organizer

Is your space heading in the wrong direction?

Join my 360° Organizing Turnaround Program

virtual organizing This one-of-a-kind program includes:

  • 4, one-hour phone sessions (in 60 days) where you get a step by step
    plan to address the clutter, create systems and organize your space!
  • Unlimited email support for 90 days. It's almost like I'm by your side!
    • You won't get stuck wondering where you should file that paper.
    • You will be able to ask how many pairs of socks you should keep!
    • You can ask how to start the next step if you're feeling intimidated.
  • Product recommendations that are tailored to your needs and will help
    support your organized space and habits.
  • 18 downloadable forms to help you get organized and stay organized!
  • A 30-minute follow-up phone call one month after our last session to
    make sure our work is working for you and give you a final boost.
  • Your investment is $360

sb organizer

Does your productivity need a little boost?

Get a 45° adjustment!

This quick-start phone session includes: virtual organizing

  • A 30-minute phone meeting to help you with any of the following:
    • Your calendar
    • Setting priorities
    • Breaking down your goals
    • Whatever you need to help you get un-stuck
  • Your investment is $45.

To see if virtual organizing is right for you, call me today! 805.680.9069

sb organizer

March into Organization Mini-Program

Ten-minute tasks for 31 days that will help you on your quest to be more organized. These are simple tasks to start clearing clutter… 31 specific spaces and tasks, which is not that many, but they are easy and a start!

virtual organizing A General Admission ticket includes:

  • Weekly emails with your tasks so that you never get too far from my side.
  • Reminder emails for the weekend tasks and how they can be extended if you love the organizing so much you can't stop.
  • An eBook to help you get mentally prepared so that you can make the best choices when you feel like you want to keep everything.
  • Downloadable forms that will help you with your planning, the tasks and projects so that you never feel adrift.
  • Weekly office hours where you can email your questions so that you can get answers or motivation if you feel stuck.
  • Your general admission ticket to success is $79

A VIP Ticket includes:

  • All of the above AND
  • Unlimited email support for 31 days so that you can get answers anytime!
  • A one-hour private phone call to discuss your biggest challenges so you leave the month ready to move forward.
  • Your VIP ticket is $157

If the March into Organization Mini-Program sounds exciting to you, call Keri to get started, TODAY! 805.680.9069

sb organizer